Pointless Information


Explore the history of how humans and machines have interacted.

Binary code forms the foundation of the relationship between man and the modern machine - research into patterns, sequences and data storage led to me discovering the Incan 'Quipu', a primitive form of data storage that organised numerical information into rows of knots in hanging cords. These artefacts were used to store figures and data that were of great significance to the Incan civilisation, and the length of time taken to create them is evidence of this importance.

The age of social media has seen a decline in the importance of information, with user generated content dominating the internet. The unsubstantial data produced by internet users exists in contrast with vital statistics that are recorded to aid in the running of our society, similar to the Incans.

I created juxtapositions of important and pointless information using the Quipu as inspiration and binary code as a graphic language. By converting statistics and user generated content into binary I was able to interpret the sequence of 0's and 1's in both analogue and digital formats. The tangible nature of the knotted cords and the pale mechanical aesthetic of the digital patterns aim to highlight their differences.